You are looking for a property for sale in Sardinia. The property-buying process can be long, stressful and expensive in Italy, especially when negotiating in a foreign language or when unfamiliar with the Italian house-buying process — not to mention having to deal with hundreds of Sardinian real estate agencies. To realize a dream, turn it into a project. Together, we can do it! As natives of Sardinia, our consultants have in-depth and first-hand knowledge of the island, understand the Sardinian real estate market and take pride in their ability to represent customers’ interests throughout the house-buying process.




Trust ResRei to significantly simplify the property-buying process in Sardinia! ResRei oversees all research and negotiations on your behalf, saving you time, energy and money. Your visit to Sardinia will be more efficient, because the villas, homes and apartments you see will have been preselected according to your specifications. Visit properties that really measure up to your expectations! We offer you a new approach to home-buying which keeps you at the centre of the process. We provide you fully-customized services based on your individual requirements. Let us be on your side—the buyer’s side!




More affordable than you might think, ResRei is the smart solution to your real estate needs in Sardinia. From our full menu of services, choose only those that you need. You are always in control, and we adjust to your needs and requests. The services we offer include:

  • Providing you with detailed information about Sardinia
  • Fully understanding your needs and requirements
  • Searching, preselecting and assessing all available properties in Sardinia on the basis of your criteria
  • Advising on how to best prepare for a visit to Sardinia
  • Assisting you with the Italian home-buying legal process
  • Assisting you throughout all negotiations and transactions, including signing with Sardinian real estate agencies, lawyers, or notaries

Let ResRei be your property finder and assistant in Sardinia. We will make your buying experience in Italy a pleasure!