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    Our property consultants have high knowledge of the Sardinian property market and an extensive network of professional contacts. We find you the right property and the right investment, quickly, easily and without stress

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    We act in your best interest. As we are not associated with any third parties, we can give you independent advice on every aspect of the purchase process

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    Discuss your property requirements and get an update on the current property market conditions

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    After identifying the key criteria, aspirations and challenges that make your property search unique, we will search for the most suitable on or off the market. We coordinate and manage the entire buying process on your behalf, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, professionally and efficiently

  • Analysis & reporting

    We assist by offering advice on potential issues or opportunities and use your feedback to narrow down the search criteria

  • Experienced negotiation

    We negotiate for you to ensure that that we secure your property for the best price possible. Our fees are usually covered by the reduced prices we can negotiate

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Hi, I am Melania.
Buying a home overseas is a complex project and you deserve a consultant who works just for you. Let me help you find your new home in Sardinia. ”

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I have never had a moments doubt that finding and engaging ResRei was the best thing I did! They found the perfect property for me and made the whole process so much easier and less stressful. ”

Steve A. Managing Director


Restored or renovated stazzi, the local term for old farmsteads in the Sardinian shrubland, are also popular, said Melania Borrielli, the founder of ResRei, a buyer’s agent in Sardinia.

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